Capture and Apply Windows 8 using DISM

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Figure 1

In this lab I used VMware workstation and i have three virtual PCs as a diagram.My task was capture the Reference PC windows partition and apply that image to target PC.For this we need windows PE disk. Also in this lab i used server PC as storage device. Inside the server PC I already created share folder and that share folder used for store the captured windows image.

Task1:Create windows PE disk

To create windows PE disk we need to download and install ADK kit.

Click Start, and type deployment. Right-click Deployment and Imaging Tools Environment and then   select Run as administrator. 

Create a working copy of the Windows PE files. Specify either x86 or amd64:

Figure 2
Figure 3

Create an ISO file containing the Windows PE files:

Figure 4

 you can see the ISO file..

Figure 5

Task2: prepare reference PC for Capture

Run sysprep..

Figure 6
Figure 7

After the shutdown we need boot this PC with windows PE CD…

Figure 8

Set the boot order…

Figure 9
Figure 10

Task3: Capture reference PC

 Now pc was booted with winPE…

Figure 11

Assign IP address for reference PC using netsh…

Figure 12

Map network drive with net use…

Figure 13

Check the windows partition drive letter…

Figure 14

Capture C drive to network share folder

Figure 15

Task4: apply captured image to target PC

Boot the target PC with windows PE disk…

Assign IP address for target PC using netsh…

Figure 16

Map network drive with net use…

Figure 17

We need to create partitions for windows installation. For that we used diskpart…


select disk 0


create partition primary size=300

format quick fs=ntfs label=”System”

assign letter=”S”


create partition primary

format quick fs=ntfs label=”Windows”

assign letter=”C”


Apply the captured image to windows partition..

Figure 18

Now we can check the C partition…

Figure 19

Use the BCDboot tool to copy common system partition files and to initialize boot configuration data:

Figure 20

Restart the target PC…

Figure 21

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